Terms and Conditions for NijiPop Creative Fusion

Introduction: These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern the participation of entities in the "Creative Fusion" category at NijiPop Culture Festival. This category is intended for participants who blend original artistic creation with a developing commercial presence.

Table of Contents

General Booth Terms and Conditions

All Booths are also subject to the NijiPop General Booth Terms and Conditions. Please read the General Booth Terms and Conditions before agreeing or proceeding with your application and confirmation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants must be small to medium-sized groups, larger than individual artists or small teams but smaller than large commercial vendors.
    • Creative Fusion slots are meant for large artist collectives or official merchandise distributors, not for budding solo artists.
  • Participants must directly contribute to the creation, design, or curation of their products. 
    • Each vendor is the actual creator of their items, ensuring that products are original and personally crafted, providing buyers with an authentic, one-of-a-kind purchase.

Product Guidelines

  • All products must be predominantly original and created or curated by the participating entity.
  • Limited third-party products may be included if they align with the entity's creative ethos and brand identity.
    • The chosen merchandise must directly relate to a featured theme or exhibition of the Creative Fusion applicant. For example, if the applicant is hosting a series themed around futuristic storytelling, then official merchandise from a graphic novel series set in a dystopian future would complement the overall experience.
  • Fan-art and fan-made merchandise are allowed provided that the participating entity designed said fan-art and fan-made merchandise.

Brand and Creator Involvement

  • Participants must have direct and significant involvement in the design and production of their merchandise.
  • Showcasing of the creative process must be integral to the participant’s presentation. More details below.

Presentation Requirements

  • Booths must reflect a balance between creativity and professionalism.
  • Booths should facilitate brand storytelling and interactive engagement with attendees.
    • Individual to Collective Journey: Display individual pieces from members alongside collaborative projects, illustrating the evolution from solo work to collective creation.
    • Creative Fusion: Highlight signature pieces that exemplify the fusion of different artistic mediums and styles, explaining the concept and process behind each piece.

Community Engagement

  • Participants are expected to actively engage with the festival community, using interactive installations to drive engagement.
    • Set up installations that invite audience participation, such as a mural wall where attendees contribute, or a digital piece that evolves with audience input.
    • Tease future projects and directions the collective is exploring, inviting the audience to follow their journey and stay engaged.
  • Sales-focused booths with minimal creative or community engagement are not permitted.

Range of Products

  • Products should include bespoke items, artist collaborations, and branded merchandise.
  • Resale of mass-produced, bootleg, non-exclusive merchandise is prohibited.

Commercial Practices

  • While commercial success is encouraged, it should not overshadow the creative and artistic integrity of the brand.
  • Predatory pricing, misleading advertising, or other unfair trade practices are prohibited.

Intellectual Property

  • Participants must own or have the right to sell all merchandise offered.
  • Sale of counterfeit or unlicensed products is strictly prohibited.

Compliance Monitoring

  • NijiPop Culture Festival reserves the right to audit participants for compliance with these Terms.
  • Failure to adhere to these Terms are subject to the NijiPop Culture Festival two-strike policy.

1Dispute Resolution

  • Any disputes arising under these Terms will be resolved at the discretion of the NijiPop Culture Festival Organizing Committee.
  • Participants agree to cooperate fully with any NijiPop Culture Festival inquiry into alleged non-compliance.


  • NijiPop Culture Festival reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time.
  • Participants will be notified of any changes and will be bound by the amended Terms upon their continuation in the festival.

Conclusion: Participation in the "Creative Fusion" category signifies acceptance of these Terms. NijiPop Culture Festival aims to foster a fair, creative, and commercially balanced environment, ensuring a rewarding experience for all participants and attendees.

Acknowledgment: By applying for the "Creative Fusion" category, participants acknowledge they have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms.