NijiPop General Booth Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents

Signage and Display Limitations

Signs and Displays Height Limit1.5 meters (4 feet 11 inches)
from the tabletop
Display Minimum Opening
("Hole" to see your face at the booth)
21.6 x 27.9 centimeters
(8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Tables positioned at the aisle ends are prohibited from using stands that encroach into walkways or aisles, ensuring unobstructed movement for both attendees and participants.
  • Displays and stands must stay within the confines of your area and should not extend beyond it. Tripods and displays should not go beyond the perimeter of your area(s), preventing items from being displayed behind your table.
  • The use of table clamps to secure signage is permissible.

Refund and Transfer Policy

For cancellations requested before February 29, 2024, a refund of 40% will be granted. Cancellations beyond this date will not be eligible for refunds. All slot registrations are deemed final and non-refundable beyond February 29, 2024. Slot transfers to other participants, attendees, or subsequent years are not permitted.

In cases of registration cancellations, NijiPop Culture Festival retains the right to reassign or resell the vacated slots. Additionally, event removal due to breach of rules specific to their event component, the general booth terms and conditions, and any event rules will not entitle the registrant to a refund. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity and safety of the event for all participants and attendees.

Additional Badges Refund Policy

Extra badges are neither eligible for refunds nor can they be transferred to different participants, attendees, or future events.

Sales Reporting Policy

Participants are required to report their gross sales at the end of each event day as one of the requirements in order to secure an egress pass to exit the event venue. Sales reports are gathered for the following purposes:

  • Securing Future Sponsorships: Your sales data plays a crucial role in our efforts to secure additional funding and sponsorships for future events. It demonstrates the economic impact of NijiPop and helps us attract more support.
  • Analyzing Attendee Behavior: By collecting sales information, we gain insights into foot traffic and sales patterns during the event. This analysis helps us continually improve the attendee experience.
  • Identifying Trends: Sales data aids us in identifying trends and demands among NijiPop attendees. This insight is invaluable for tailoring our event offerings to meet the preferences of our diverse audience.
  • Optimizing Event Pricing: Your sales figures are used to assess the overall value of items sold at NijiPop. This evaluation guides us in making pricing adjustments to ensure both participants and attendees receive the best possible experience.
  • Determining Sales Splits: In cases where sales splits apply to specific event components, the sales report is used to calculate and distribute sales proceeds accordingly.

Booth representatives must submit a the sales report form each day before exiting the venue, through a dedicated link provided during the event orientation.

Only one (1) representative from each booth is required to fill out the Egress Pass application.

Exchanging any Event Pass for an Event Badge

 All transactions are deemed final, exchanges are not permitted.

Onsite Badge Pick-up Policy

The representative responsible for registration is also responsible for collecting all badges linked to their slots. No other person will be permitted to collect badges on behalf of the representative.

Table Assignments Policy

Early bird registrants may select their table position in order of payment, subject to availability per event component. The Floor Operations Team will email you three (3) weeks before the event to choose your table. If you don't respond within seven (7) days, a table will be randomly assigned. Table positions will be revealed at most two (2) months before the event. Regular registrants cannot select a table position. Exchanges or trades are prohibited. All table assignments are final.

Lost Badge Policy

A fee will be applicable for reprinting lost badges. For badge reprints, kindly proceed to the Registration Booth.

Two Strike Policy

Please refer to the NijiPop Two Strike Policy Page for more information.

Incident Reporting Procedures

In the event of situations involving harassment, disputes, theft, AI-generated media, copyright violation, or plagiarism between yourself and another participant, please promptly inform NijiPop Culture Festival organizers.

NijiPop Culture Festival assumes no responsibility or liability for the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights. It solely assists legitimate IP Rights Holders in requesting Allegedly Infringing Participants to cease selling infringing items during the event. Further resolution of any IP dispute rests solely between the IP Rights Holder and the Participants. NijiPop Culture Festival does not interpret or authenticate provided legal documents.

For more details and information, please refer to the NijiPop General Equity Policy to discover our investigation processes.

Sale of Adult Material

Material exceeding standard swimwear coverage in terms of skin exposure is considered adult material and is prohibited from public display during the display. Catalogs containing such content must be kept in labeled opaque folders marked as "18+ Explicit Content" and only shown upon request and age verification of the customer.

Adult-oriented material must be discreetly packaged in opaque containers before customer handover, ensuring contents remain hidden from public view. These measures help maintain a respectful and appropriate environment for all attendees.

Sale of Weapons

Sales of real weapons and harmful projectile-launching tools including BB guns are strictly prohibited with no exceptions. Non-harmful replicas such as swords with dull edges and foam bullet toy guns do not fall under this rule.

Display Policy

We kindly request that all participants remain mindful of their environment, as we may receive feedback concerning neighboring participants who may not show proper respect for the space around them. Our aim is to ensure the safety and accessibility of all aisles and walkways. A small gesture of consideration can have a significant impact. Participants found to be non-compliant with table policies will be subject to the Two Strike Rule.

Table Name and Number Visibility

Ensure that your table names and numbers are prominently displayed and visible at all times. You have the freedom to utilize your own signage as long as the table names and numbers remain easily identifiable.

Goods and Supplies

All merchandise, items, and supplies for sale should be accommodated within the allocated space of your area. It is imperative to maintain your items strictly on your assigned area, avoiding any overflow onto neighboring tables or adjacent spaces. This encompasses any additional displays, containers, attire, etc. Any supplementary supplies or merchandise should be stored beneath your table or at an empty space inside your cluster.

Assistants and Chairs Policy

Each table allows only designated individuals and provided chairs. No external chairs are allowed. All behind-table personnel must wear valid event badges at all times; sharing or borrowing badges is prohibited and may lead to removal and badge confiscation.

Prohibited Items

  • Items listed that fall under the Sales of Weapons policy.
  • Open flames and lighting items such as incense, candles, pyrotechnics, and any other flammable items.
  • Playing music or other audio using speakers or instruments.
  • Helium balloons are strictly prohibited inside the venue.
  • Food, beverage, or edible products are strictly prohibited.
  • Any items harmful to human life are strictly prohibited at the venue.

Participants Below 16 Years Old

While it's not obligatory for participants below the age of 16 to be accompanied by their guardians or parents, we strongly recommend it. Safety and well-being are our top priorities, especially in a bustling event like NijiPop Culture Festival. Having a guardian or parent around can provide an extra layer of security and guidance for our younger participants.

For the convenience of parents accompanying participants below 16, we offer an option to purchase an additional badge specific to their event component (Artist Alley, Merchandise Concessionaires, etc.). With this badge, parents are granted access to the cluster, can stay behind the table to assist in sales, and are provided with an extra seat. This ensures a comfortable and collaborative environment for both parents and participants.

However, if parents prefer a general attendance pass instead, they are welcome to choose this option. Please note that with a general attendance pass, access to the cluster, the ability to stay behind the table for sales assistance, and the provision of an extra seat are not included.

Participant Liability Waiver and Disclaimer Policy

NijiPop Culture Festival is not liable for any illnesses, damages, or losses incurred by participants during ingress, event duration, or egress. Participants are responsible for their property and valuables. Participation in the event implies acknowledgment and assumption of any associated risks. Participants should secure their belongings, equipment, and merchandise. NijiPop Culture Festival reserves the right to modify or cancel any part of the event due to unforeseen circumstances. By participating, participants agree to release NijiPop Culture Festival from any liability, claims, demands, or causes of action arising from such occurrences. It is the participants' responsibility to take precautions and ensure their own safety, as well as the safety of their belongings, during the entire event. In no event shall either party be liable to the other party for any incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages (including but not limited to lost profits) regardless of whether such liability is based on breach of contract, tort, strict liability, breach of warranties, failure of essential purpose or otherwise and even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Notwithstanding anything else in this Agreement, NPCF's liability for any claim against NPCF shall be limited to the funds available in its own bank account at the time of the claim.

Terms and Conditions Changes and Modifications

We reserve the right to revise and review the content, and it is the participant's responsibility to ensure they stay updated regarding any alterations.