NijiPop Merchants Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents

General Booth Terms and Conditions

All Booths are also subject to the NijiPop General Booth Terms and Conditions. Please read the General Booth Terms and Conditions before agreeing or proceeding with your application and confirmation.

MerchCon Policies and Procedures

The MerchCon at NijiPop Culture Festival aims to original content from MerchCons related to Japanese pop culture. We highly encourage the presentation of unique, interesting, and quality items. We eagerly anticipate the diverse and innovative creations from our participants each year. Below are policies concerning the types of merchandise permissible for sale. It is crucial to adhere to these sales guidelines; non-compliance are subject to the Two Strike Policy.

MerchCon participants are allowed to resell merchandise from other stores or concessionaires. Products sold from MerchCons may be mass produced. Non-compliance will result in expulsion from the event.

Kindly be informed that tables who generate excessive crowds leading to traffic disruption may be relocated or temporarily halted.

AI Art and Art Theft Policy

NijiPop Culture Festival prioritizes MerchConic integrity and creator rights. We have a zero-tolerance policy against AI-generated art and art theft.

Works generated or modified by artificial intelligence (AI) software in any way is strictly prohibited at NijiPop Culture Festival. We encourage genuine creativity from human artists.

Art theft, including unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or sale of an artists work, is strongly condemned. Stolen art reported during the event will be promptly investigated, and the offending item will be removed from displays with its sales halted.

MerchCon Collaborations Policy

Collaborating with a MerchCon is allowed, but please note that collaborations are limited to one (1) MerchCon only. You may submit your joint registration form afterwards with the specific MerchCon you intend to collaborate with.