NijiPop General Equity Policy


Table of Contents

Introduction and Purpose

Equity Committee Contact

You may contact the Equity Committee for any possible violations, queries, and concerns regarding this General Equity Policy at [email protected].


NijiPop is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and respectful environment. This detailed Equity Policy aims to prevent discrimination, harassment, and offensive practices, ensuring equal opportunities and a safe space for diverse perspectives.


The policy extends to all NijiPop participants, encompassing attendees, artists, performers, staff, and volunteers. It applies across all events, competitions, venues, and online interactions associated with NijiPop.


Equity is viewed as a positive tool for fostering understanding, resolving issues, and promoting a conducive environment for enjoyment and learning.



Protected Attributes and Identities

The policy prohibits discrimination, harassment, or vilification based on the following protected attributes:

  • Age or age group
  • Disability
  • Class
  • Cosplaying ability
  • Gender identity
  • Infectious disease
  • Intersex status
  • Language status
  • Marital or relationship status
  • Nationality
  • Sexual practices or experience
  • Political affiliation or beliefs
  • Pregnancy
  • Race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin
  • Religious affiliation, belief, views, or practice
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Socio-economic status and background
  • Personal life choices and experiences

Prohibition on Discriminatory Conduct

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying is defined as repeated, unreasonable behavior directed towards another, physical or psychological. Harassment includes behavior, verbal or physical, unreasonably interfering with a participant's experience.

Direct Discrimination

Treating another person less favorably based on a protected attribute is prohibited.

Indirect Discrimination

Statements likely to offend an individual or group with a protected attribute is not allowed.


Detriment to a person for making a complaint or participating in complaints proceedings is strictly prohibited.


Public incitement of hatred, contempt, or severe ridicule based on a protected attribute is not tolerated.

Mocking Aspects of Personal Life

Attendees must not be mocked based on their personal life choices and experiences.

Conduct Guidelines for All Participants

Respectful Interaction

All participants are expected to treat each other with respect, regardless of roles or positions. Disruptive behavior, insults, or non-constructive commentary are not allowed.

Positive Engagement

Participants are encouraged to engage positively, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and understanding.

Generalization Avoidance

Participants must refrain from making generalizations about any group based on protected attributes.

Positive Consent

In any interaction, participants must obtain positive consent actively and be considerate of the other person's comfort level.

Gender Pronouns

Participants are encouraged to respect preferred gender pronouns.

Inclusive Language

Attendees should use inclusive language, avoiding stereotypes and being mindful of the potential impact of their words on diverse audiences.

Online Interaction Guidelines

Online Harassment

Participants must refrain from engaging in online harassment, defined as unwelcome and harmful behavior carried out through digital platforms.

Cyberbullying and Rumor Spreading

Bullying, spreading rumors, and fearmongering through online platforms are strictly prohibited.

Fake News

Dissemination of fake news that can cause harm or spread misinformation is not allowed.

Anonymous Complaints

Attendees can raise equity concerns anonymously, promoting open communication. 

Addressing Equity Violations at NijiPop

In the unfortunate event of an Equity Policy violation at NijiPop, we prioritize open communication and resolution. We understand that cosplay can be a stressful activity, and individuals may unintentionally cause upset or offense.

For a visual representation, please see the charts below.

Chart taken from Thailand United Asian Debating Championship 2016.
Chart taken from Thailand United Asian Debating Championship 2016.


To foster a positive and understanding environment, we encourage the following steps:

Initial Communication

If you experience a Equity Policy violation, consider talking to the person involved. Recognize that cosplay situations can be complex, and individuals may not have intended harm. Initiate the conversation in good faith, allowing room for an explanation without demanding one.

Approaching a Equity Officer

If you find it challenging to address the issue directly, approach a member of the Equity Policy team either in person or online. Alternatively, reach out to a member of the staff, who can refer the matter to the Equity officer. The Equity officer will engage with the individual on your behalf to resolve any concerns.

Self-Correction and Apology

Individuals who realize they may have made a Equity-related comment should self-correct and apologize. Acknowledge that people are entitled to feel upset or distressed by comments, even if they were intended as in-jokes. While others cannot file a Equity Policy Violation complaint on behalf of someone else, individuals can make a complaint for themselves if they feel sufficiently distressed.

Comfortable Reporting

If approaching the person directly is uncomfortable, don't hesitate to contact a member of the Equity Policy team. Bringing a friend along for support during discussions is acceptable. We encourage open dialogue to address issues promptly and ensure that no one feels excluded.

Formal Complaint Process

In the event of a formal complaint, mediation may be initiated between the involved parties. Depending on the outcome, more serious sanctions may be enforced. Confidentiality is paramount, and all comments made during mediation, or before it, will remain strictly confidential unless the complaint warrants involvement of the Organizing team or law enforcement.

Escalation Beyond Equity Policy

In rare cases where a violation surpasses the scope of the Equity Policy, the complainant has the discretion to involve law enforcement. The Equity team will provide assistance as needed, respecting the complainant's wishes in handling the situation.

Our commitment is to maintain a safe and inclusive environment during the NijiPop event. We hope that these procedures will not be frequently needed, but in the event they are, we assure participants that we will be diligent and unbiased in our approach to resolution.

Resolution Mechanism and Remedies

Sanctions and Remedial Action

The Equity Committee may impose various sanctions, including but not limited to: warnings, apologies, denial of venue access, participant removal, bans, and possible elevation to relevant authorities.


Non-compliance with Equity Committee decisions is itself a breach, and cases of non-compliance will be investigated.

Appeals Process

Either party may appeal Equity Committee decisions within 12 hours. The Appeals Committee will uphold, amend, or overturn decisions.



Recognition is extended to the following:

  • Equity Commission of the Thessaloniki World Universities Debating Competition 2016, their equity policy served as the foundation of which the NijiPop General Equity Policy was created.
  • Equity Commission of the Thailand United Asian Debating Championship 2016 for the chart and visual aids for the process of reporting an equity violation.
  • Noel Angelo B. Navaja for creating the first set of dedicated event Safety Policies in Central Visayas.
  • Sean Ernest T. Siega for the construction and development of the NijiPop General Equity Policy.

By participating in NijiPop, all individuals acknowledge and agree to adhere to these comprehensive equity rules. NijiPop reserves the right to update or modify these rules for the benefit of all participants at any time without notice.