The Second Eden Cosplay Rules and Guidelines

NijiPop Culture Festival recognizes the need to create a specific set of cosplay guidelines for cosplayers of The Second Eden universe and has created a set of rules and guidelines to ensure both attendees stay in line with real-world religious sensitivities.

General Principles

  1. Respect for Religious Symbols: Even though The Second Eden is a fictional universe, it draws heavily on themes of spirituality and the sacred. Cosplayers should ensure that their portrayal of characters, especially those in religious vocations like priests or sisters, is done with respect and sensitivity to real-world religious beliefs and symbols.

  2. No Usage of Actual Religious Items: Cosplayers are required to create their own mockups of props and accessories when cosplaying characters from The Second Eden. Cosplayers using actual religious items and actual liturgical vestments will be barred from entry.

  3. Modesty: Given the importance of modesty in both the real world and potentially within The Second Eden, costumes should reflect a sense of decorum appropriate to the character’s role within the The Second Eden. Avoid overly revealing attire that could be considered disrespectful of real world religions or being out of character. Absolutely no form of fanservice while in cosplay as a character from The Second Eden is allowed.

  4. Accuracy with Creativity: While striving for authenticity in representing characters from The Second Eden, cosplayers are encouraged to creatively interpret their costumes in ways that respect the source material while being mindful of real-world religious sensitivities.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Priest and Sister Attire: When cosplaying priests, pastors, or sisters from The Second Eden, use attire that is indicative of their vocation without directly mimicking specific real-world religious garments. For example, simple robes or tunics can suggest a character’s religious role without appropriating actual liturgical vestments.

  2. Supernatural Characters: For characters that are demons, angels, or other supernatural beings, focus on elements that suggest their nature (such as wings for angels or symbolic colors) without incorporating specific religious imagery or symbols that might be considered sacred or off-limits in real-world religions.

  3. Accessories and Props: Use props and accessories to convey a character's role or abilities in a way that respects religious sensibilities and without using actual religious items. For example, instead of using actual religious artifacts such as Roman Collars, Rosaries, and Bibles, you may use cardboard cutouts and mockups, yarn and cheap beads, and more as an alternative.

  4. Dialogue and Behavior: When in character, especially during interactions with others at the event, maintain a demeanor and dialogue that respect the character’s role within the spiritual and communal life of Eden. Avoid language or actions that could be construed as mocking or disrespectful towards real-world faiths. Absolutely no form of fanservice while in cosplay as a character from The Second Eden is allowed.

  5. Consultation and Sensitivity: If uncertain about the appropriateness of a costume or portrayal, cosplayers should consult with the NijiPop Equity Committee at [email protected] for guidance, peers, or even members of their own faith community for feedback. Being open to constructive criticism and willing to adjust one's portrayal can ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience for everyone.

By adhering to these guidelines, cosplayers can explore the rich and nuanced world of The Second Eden while respecting the diverse beliefs of fellow attendees. This approach ensures a respectful, inclusive, and creative environment that honors the spirit of cosplay and the themes of the source material.