Terms and Conditions for Media Pass Attendance

1. Introduction: This document outlines the terms and conditions for media representatives ("Media Pass Holders") attending the NijiPop Culture Festival. Compliance with these terms is mandatory for all media attendees.

2. Media Pass Eligibility and Usage:

  • Media Passes are granted to journalists, photographers, bloggers, and other media professionals covering the event.
  • Media Passes are non-transferable and must be worn visibly at all times during the festival.
  • Misuse of the Media Pass, including lending or duplicating, will result in revocation and potential denial of future access.

3. Pre-Event Registration:

  • Media representatives must register for a Media Pass prior to the event, providing credentials and intended coverage details.
  • Media Pass Holders are expected to join a Google Chat space for coordination with information embargoes and dissemination.
  • NijiPop Culture Festival reserves the right to approve or deny media registration at its discretion.

4. Content Creation and Distribution:

  • Media Pass Holders are required to produce at least one (1) pre-event post & two (2) posts during the event in full coordination with the NijiPop Culture Festival.
  • Media Pass Holders are permitted to photograph, record, and report within public areas of the festival.
  • Prior consent must be obtained from individuals before capturing their likeness or interviews.
  • All published content should be respectful, accurate, and in the spirit of the festival’s values.

5. Restricted Areas and Activities:

  • Media Pass Holders must respect restricted access areas and private events.
  • The sale of media-produced content directly at the festival is prohibited.

6. Compliance with Festival Policies:

  • Media representatives are subject to the same general rules and conduct policies as other attendees.
  • Disruptive behavior or interference with festival operations will not be tolerated.

7. Intellectual Property:

  • Media content that includes festival branding or unique elements must credit NijiPop Culture Festival.
  • Use of festival content for defamatory, illegal, or unethical purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Media Pass Holders must allow NijiPop Culture Festival to utilize and promote their produced content in its own channels.

8. Right to Revoke Access:

  • NijiPop Culture Festival reserves the right to revoke Media Passes and access for non-compliance with these terms or for behavior deemed inappropriate or harmful to the festival and its participants.

9. Indemnification:

  • Media Pass Holders agree to indemnify and hold harmless NijiPop Culture Festival and its affiliates from any claims resulting from their actions during the festival.

10. Acknowledgment and Acceptance:

  • By accepting a Media Pass, the holder agrees to adhere to these terms and conditions, acknowledging their role in contributing to a respectful and professional festival environment.