Terms and Conditions for Community Media Passes

1. Introduction: This document details the terms and conditions for the issuance and use of Community Media Passes at the NijiPop Culture Festival. These passes are specifically designed for community photographers and videographers who wish to use dedicated photo and video equipment at the event.

2. Community Media Pass Eligibility and Purpose:

  • Community Media Passes are available for purchase by attendees interested in using professional-grade photography and videography equipment during the festival.
  • These passes are intended for amateur or freelance photographers and videographers, not affiliated with established media organizations or established content creators.

3. Purchase and Fees:

  • Community Media Passes must be purchased in addition to a general attendance pass.
  • The fee for the Community Media Pass covers the licensing to use professional photo and video equipment within the festival grounds.

4. Equipment Usage and Limitations:

  • Holders of the Community Media Pass are permitted to use DSLR cameras, video cameras, and other professional-grade equipment.
  • Use of drones or other aerial photography equipment is strictly prohibited unless expressly permitted by the festival organizing committee.

5. Content Usage:

  • Content captured using professional equipment under the Community Media Pass is for personal and non-commercial use only.
  • Any commercial use of images or videos requires prior written consent from the NijiPop Culture Festival management.

6. Conduct and Compliance:

  • Community Media Pass Holders must adhere to the same general conduct rules as all festival attendees.
  • Respect for privacy and consent is paramount; explicit permission must be obtained for close-up shots or interviews.

7. Restricted Areas:

  • Certain areas or events within the festival may be off-limits for photography and videography. Community Media Pass Holders must abide by all posted signage and staff instructions.

8. Liability and Responsibility:

  • Community Media Pass Holders are solely responsible for their equipment. The NijiPop Culture Festival is not liable for any loss, damage, or theft of equipment.
  • Pass Holders must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the NijiPop Culture Festival from any claims arising from their actions.

9. Revocation of Privileges:

  • The festival reserves the right to revoke Community Media Passes for non-compliance with these terms, inappropriate behavior, abuse of privileges, abuse of the Community Media Pass, or misuse of equipment.

10. Acknowledgment of Terms:

  • The purchase and use of a Community Media Pass imply full understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.